Empowering Market Entry Excellence

We aim to deliver exceptional market entry services that empower businesses to flourish in new territories.

Welcome to Alira Team

We are a distinguished consultancy firm that stands at the forefront of market entry excellence. With a strong presence Brazil and strategic European branches in Lisbon and London, we take pride in our highly skilled experts, who are dedicated to assisting businesses in conquering new markets and achieving unprecedented growth across the globe.

Established with a mission to provide exceptional market entry services, we bring together years of industry experience and a global perspective. From building a robust entrance strategy to execution and business development, we specialise in consulting clients throughout their journey into new markets. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated the complexities of various modern industries, including the online betting, fintech, and mobile gaming apps sectors. At Alira Team, we are dedicated to providing unrivalled insight into new markets, products and opportunities, to help you grow your business.

Our international reach and market intelligence capabilities are unique, with expert residential partners on every continent. We specialise in growth through new market entry. Our unique industry expertise and global network provides our clients with access to new geographies, channels, and products.

Our Expertise

Mobile Gaming Apps

Opportunities abound with the exponential growth of the mobile gaming market, but so do challenges. Our consultancy firm understands the intricacies of mobile gaming app market entry, from user acquisition and retention strategies to localisation and monetisation. We work closely with our clients to craft winning market entry strategies that maximise growth potential and drive success.

Online Betting

Entering the online betting market requires a comprehensive understanding of regulatory frameworks, user behaviour, and industry trends. At Alira Team, we have in-depth knowledge of the dynamic online betting landscape, enabling us to guide our clients in making well-informed decisions. From compliance assistance to developing winning strategies, we help you seize lucrative opportunities in this rapidly evolving industry.


The fintech sector is reshaping the financial services landscape, and gaining competitive advantage requires innovative approaches and a deep understanding of the market. Our expert consultants are well-versed in fintech trends, digital payment solutions, blockchain, and more. Whether you are a startup or an established player, we offer tailor-made solutions to penetrate new markets and optimise your fintech offerings.

Why Alira

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